So, I’ve Got A Blog Now…

Interesting notion, that.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with a blog, but I’m constantly being informed that I am not a technically savvy person.  This should help stem those criticisms.  And I do love telling stories, even ones which are told at my expense.  As I continue to learn more about cycling, I suspect there will be many stories to tell.  Some might even be interesting and no doubt many will be at my expense!

My renewed relationship with cycling began this March, when my wife took me to Olde Town Bicycles  in Dale City, VA, and allowed me to pick out any bike I wanted for my birthday present.  Knowing virtually nothing about bicycles other than that they are infinitely preferrable to running, I put my faith in a 19 year-old salesman and walked away with a Specialized Crosstrail (more on that in another post).

Since that time, I have been slowly adding to my bicycle knowledge.  I’ve been reading online advice and gradually adding to my inventory of cycling accessories.  I’ve also been pedaling about greater Prince William County in an ever-lengthening series of rides.  It’s been great fun and has allowed me to employ another amateur hobby of mine – photography.  Along the way, I also hope to trick myself into becoming more physically fit.

So there it is.  Stay tuned as I ponder the imponderables of the cycling world and perhaps have a laugh or two at my expense!

3 thoughts on “So, I’ve Got A Blog Now…

  1. Looks great! I’m impressed! I give you a lot of credit for starting your blog and I look forward to seeing additional entries. Good luck with both your blog and your cycling!

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