My First Modification


So many of you were asking me, “Steve, how the heck did you take those great action shots of you riding the Mount Vernon Trail?”  Ok, that’s not true – actually none of you said that.  However, I am still pleased to anounce that I have made my first modification to my Specialized Crosstrail – a camera mount!     After pedaling over 350 miles with a camera stowed in my seat bag or Camelbak, I decided I didn’t enjoy stopping my bike and fishing the thing out every time I wanted to snap a pic.  Then, I happened across this helpful site, which had plans for what I needed.  A trip to the Lowes and about $2 got me the parts I needed.  Everything came together quite nicely, which was quite a shock and extremely unusual for me. 

I gave the mount a test drive during yesterday’s “Tour de Mount Vernon” and it worked great.  It was a little difficult to see the picture in the preview lens, but that wasn’t a big deal.  Just take plenty of snaps and you’re bound to get a few you like.  There was a slight challenge with the camera angle. The handlebars are not perfectly horizontal and therefore the camera is mounted at a slight angle.  Fortunately, the good people at Windows Live Photo Gallery (which I use to make my panoramic shots) have provided a picture straightening feature which can compensate for the angle.  Very nice.


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