I Bought A Book

For my birthday, my son gave me a Barnes and Nobles gift card.  After 10 weeks of careful consideration, I used it to buy my first bicycle book (and a book on Custer’s Last Stand and another book on Hitler’s last week in The Bunker; but this blog is about bicycling so I’ll try to keep on topic).

It seems like a nice first edition to a cyclist’s library.  It covers just about everything, from the anatomy of various bike types, to riding techniques, training, and maintenance.  There are lots of pictures, which is always helpful.  I was mostly interested in the maintenance section.  It has occurred to me that a bicycle is a machine with moving parts and it is therefore quite likely that one or more of these parts will eventually wear down and break.  Armed with Sidwell’s handy guide, I have no doubt that I will be able to take on any such problem with confidence and sure-handedness!


It’s still nice to have on the shelf and it will help me better understand how the bike is put together and the steps I need to take to keep it that way.


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