Caught By The Peloton

In cycling races, most riders travel in a large group called the “Peloton” (a French word meaning “little group”).  There is an advantage to riding in the peloton because it is possible to save energy by “drafting.”  Riders take turns battling the wind in the front of the group and everyone else rests.  The group is therefore able to travel faster than any one individual.

Much like a peloton that has caught up with a breakaway rider, the visitors to this blog have now equalled the number of miles I have logged this summer.  We have been “riding together” for about a week now.  The only question that remains is how long I will be able to hang before I am “dropped” by the peloton!  Here’s hoping I can last a while longer.  I have a nice ride planned for the weekend that will be the longest I have traveled on a bike.  Ever.  That should help me keep up with y’all!


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