Vacation Means More Riding

I’m taking the week off from work.  This should allow me to get a few extra miles in and keep up with the visitor totals a while longer! 

Today’s ride was a relatively quick 25-miler in wonderful conditions.  It was overcast and a mere 78 degrees, which I discovered was far easier to ride in than the sunny mid-90s weather of the past few weeks.  I traveled over a route I took a couple of months ago and once again was impressed by how much easier the ride was for me than in my previous effort.

To the kid in the red mustang who screamed at me as he flew past, you’re a loser.

On my way back, I took a quick pic of the bicycle path on Rte 234.  I spend a portion of virtually every ride on this path and have neglected to include a shot of it.  You have my profound apologies.  I also apologize for including garbage in the photo.  The path is actually fairly clean.  Oh well!


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