Back To The Bike Shop

I wanted to go for a ride yesterday evening, but when I wheeled my bike out of the garage I noticed the rear wheel was flat.  It looks like Dumfries Road got me on Sunday after all.  If not there, then somewhere on the ride something poked a very small hole in the tube.  By the way, if you’re going to have a flat the absolute best place to have it is in your garage.  It’s far preferable than along the side of some road with the sun beating down on you and your electrolyte levels well below normal.

I fixed the flat, but couldn’t properly seat the wheel.  It seemed to me that the wheel was no longer “true,” meaning it wobbled as it spun, bumping up against the brake pads at some points.  I couldn’t true my wheel because you need a spoke wrench for that (yes, I know and it’s on my list).  Besides, I have my trusty one year warranty from Old Towne Bicycles and they would do it for free.

I brought the bike into the shop and the mechanic confirmed the wheel was not true.  He put it on a truing stand and quickly figured out why: one of my spokes was broken.  The mechanic thought this was unusual for a bike less than a year old, especially one with a good record of performance like the Crosstrail.    He decided he couldn’t approve the repair under warranty without a manager looking at it and none were in the store at the time.  I therefore left the bike there and I will learn tomorrow what the verdict is.  I will not be happy if I am told I need to pay for the repair.

Not happy at all.

2 thoughts on “Back To The Bike Shop

  1. That was lame, had I been the mechanic I would have fixed it for you without a moments hesitation. If a wheel is breaking spokes and its less then a year old then there is something wrong with the wheel, either that or you ran over a boulder.

  2. Hmmm. I have since read that spoke repairs are very simple and cheap, which makes me wonder why he didn’t just do it. Maybe he’s thinking like you that the entire wheel needs to be replaced and only the manager can do something like that.

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