A Short Test Ride – So Far, So Good

I zipped through a quick 11-mile ride to see if the stupid rear tire would go flat on me again.  I made it home in a smoking-hot 16.2 mph pace without incident.  Time will tell if I have a slow leak.

Assuming all is well, I am left wondering what caused my two flats in short succession.  I see two possible explanations:

1) God’s will.

2) I overestimate the ability of the Crosstrail to handle bumps in the road at speed.  I routinely hit “transition areas” where bike paths intersect with streets at speeds over 20 mph.  These areas typically include a gutter and/or a metal transtion ramp.  This may be more force than the tires can handle.

There is little I can do about Cause #1, so I will focus instead on eliminating Cause #2 by being a little more careful around these areas instead of slamming into them with reckless abandon.  We’ll see if that does the trick.


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