1,000th Visitor


This humble blog entertained its 1,000th visitor yesterday, which is a milestone worth noting.  If I had a slick Promotions Dept and a budget I would have recognized the 1,000th visitor with some kind of neat gift.  I have neither of these things so this post will have to do.  Heck, I’m not even sure who the 1,000th visitor was (Revrider, I have a suspicion it was you!).  I had no idea what to expect when I started this, but I seriously doubted the count would approach four digits this quickly or ever.  I realize that many sites get as many or more hits in a single day, but this mark remains more than a little surprising to me all the same.

I’ve learned some things about blogging during my first three months at this.  I’ve learned about tags, RSS feeds, html formatting, and other  geeky tech stuff you need to be familiar with to do this properly.  I’ve also learned that if you use words like “dork,” “dope,”  “cool,”  or “snake bit” in a post title, your visitor traffic will go WAY up!

Through blogging, I’ve read about several fascinating people from all over the world who share their cycling adventures via blogs.  I’ve read about cyclists in England, Austin, San Francisco, Illinois, and folks closer to home in Washington, DC.  I’ve read about two different trips to bike across the world, rides from London to Paris, rides across the length of Great Britain, trips in the Shenandoah Valley, across Ohio, and places in between.  There are triathletes, centuries, criteriums, and daily commuters.  Some are young and some are not-so-young.  Each has a story to tell and they are all fascinating.  If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to check them out on my blog roll.

Lastly, I very much appreciate the always helpful and sometimes amusing comments!  I’m learning a great deal from each of you and please keep ’em coming!  Now, if the heat index would just drop below 110 degrees, I’d get after reaching my 1,000-mile mark!


2 thoughts on “1,000th Visitor

  1. Yes, it was me. I’ll accept the accolades. Glad you are using this for encouragement and you do write good descriptions. It’s fun to watch you catch the bug.


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