Two New Wheels

Specialized is working friendly.  They are shipping two new wheels to replace the ones I currently own. 

Here’s the catch:  they’re not the same wheels.

Apparently, Specialized doesn’t have the stock wheels on hand at their corporate HQ, or whatever is in St. Louis where they ship this stuff from.  So they’re shipping what they have and we’ll compare them to what is currently on my bike when they arrive early next week.  If they fit and they are as good or better, we’ll make the switch.  If not, then we’ll jump off that bridge if we get to it.

In related news, I stopped by the Performance Bike shop near my workplace and discussed my problems.  If I bring in my bike, they’ll hook me up with an upgraded wheel – complete with dual rims, double butt spokes, and all the trimmings – for $150.  Of course, this will void the Specialized warranty, so I think I’ll hold off on that until my warranty is closer to expiration.

They also showed me a couple of bikes that I might be interested in should life continue to be difficult with the Crosstrail:  A GT Transeo 2.0 and a Scattante FR-330.  The GT is a flat handlebar hybrid bike with road bike gearing and the Scattante is an entry-level road bike. 

More to ponder…

GT Transeo

Scattante FR-330 (this version w/straight handlebars)


2 thoughts on “Two New Wheels

  1. One of my riding partners has a rather large husband who has a Scattante. It serves him very well. No problems at all. If you go that direction, you may be very happy. Of course, that’s just one person.

    • I’m kinda digging that Scattante. My main concern is that as a road bike, it has road bike gearing. Generally, hybrids are geared for easier acceleration and lower speeds. This is why I can tackle 23% grades when I occasionally encounter them. I can only imagine what would happen if I didn’t have those lower gears.

      Must. Get. Into. Shape!

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