Hot And Humid

It rained this morning, which forced me to change my plans for the day.  I had originally wanted to circumnavigate Prince William Forest, but by the time the weather cleared I would find myself on Route 1 in mid-afternoon on a Sunday.  Bad idea.  So after cutting my lawn, I opted for a 31 mile route to the northwest.  I had previously completed this route with a 15.7 mph average and wanted to beat that mark.  I thought the humidity which lingered after the morning rains would effect me and I was right.  Boy, was I right.

When I’m on a stationary bike at the gym, it is not unusual for beads of sweat to come off my arms and collect in an ever-growing puddle on the floor.  I have never experienced that on a bicycle until today.  My shirt was completely drenched, my gloves were soaked and felt like wet sponges when I squeezed my grips.  And I could see the sweat dripping off my hands as I rode along.  It was pretty nasty, but my pace was good and I had a shot at a Personal Best Record (PBR).

Sweating as I was, I regretted not bringing my Camelbak on this ride.  All I had was my water bottle, into which I poured a Hammer Gel packet before the ride.  BIG MISTAKE.  As much as I enjoyed the gel straight out of the packet, I could barely stomach it when diluted into water.  The resulting concoction tasted like dirty water taken from a bucket in the back yard, with a dash of apples and cinnamon.  Seeing as this was the only hydration I had available to me, I forced myself to suck the stuff down and dealt with the revolting aftertaste as best as I could.

In the end, I was only able to tie my PBR pace.  I would like to give myself a one minute time bonus to reflect the fact I stopped to give directions to a lost motorist, but that would be sniveling and sniveling is not nice.  I was completely drained by this ride and immediately sucked down as much Gatorade and water as I could.  Still, I burned another 1,500 calories and avoided my Bike Shop.  Another good day!


7 thoughts on “Hot And Humid

  1. Sounds like a great ride;0) No flats, and a lesson learned about the gel shots. I wonder if it was better than the manure tea we were drinking. So glad you had not flats.

  2. You dodged a bullet on this ride. You need at least a bottle of water an hour on the bike, more in that kind of heat and humidity. We’ve had several riders from our group in the hospital this year because of dehydration. It took me months of riding before I would stop at a convenience store to buy a bottle of Gatorade. I don’t hesitate now. (Well hydrated, you likely could have beat your previous best time.)

    • You’re right, of course. I need to start bringing some money with me, even on the “short” rides of 30 miles. What I really need to do is simply bring my Camelbak. The thing about this particular route is that there are absolutely no stores from Mile 8 to Mile 28, so even if I had some money there were no good options for me.

      I know, I know – change the route!

  3. I see you have timing problems too.. but we cant allow ourself to make those allowances can we 😉
    I would really like to know, if you wouldnt mind passing it on is how you got the Garmin link to appear as it does in your post? I like the way it looks.

    • I owe it all to Ponderingpaster, who posted above you. Here are the directions he gave me:

      1. On Garmin Connect, make the ride public then click the embed button so that the graphic comes up.
      2. Make sure that the computer screen shows the whole embed graphic then hit Shift/Print Screen on your computer.
      3. Open a graphics editor (I use Microsoft Paint) and import the screen image.
      4. Crop the screen image and save it to your desktop.
      5. Import the image from your desktop into WordPress and set the target as a link to the Garmin Connect activity.

      This has worked great for me. If you have any questions, please ask. Good luck!

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