And Now For Something Completely Different

Tyler in Spokane wrote me and asked “Steve, I read your entire blog every single day and noticed on your PBR page that your season total for flats is now at 7.  What gives?”  I’m glad you asked, Tyler.  Let me tell you.

Ok, there is no Tyler in Spokane and nobody wrote me about the change on my PBR page.  That was just a little artistic license to get the conversation going and give this space the air of a very important blog.

But I do have another flat.  That is 100% true.

I’ve had a busy week, with late hours every day.   Not to be detoured by something as minor as a 12 hour work day, I dressed for a night ride and strode into the garage to get FORD* ready to go.  I then noticed that the front wheel had gone flat since my Sunday ride.

Did you catch the difference?  My FRONT wheel had gone flat.  That is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! All six of my previous flats occurred on my rear wheel.  All three of my broken spokes were on my rear wheel.  My front wheel was problem-free, until today.  Totally different!

I took the tube off and found the puncture – a tiny pin hole that resulted in a very slow leak.  I triple-checked the tire where the puncture was made and could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.  No glass, wires, or any other imperfections that may have been the source of the flat. 

I guess we’ll find out how good my patch jobs were on my old tubes.  Stay tuned for my weekend report to find out!

* I have officially adopted the name, FORD (Fixed Or Repaired Daily) for my bike.  A special thanks to Joel in England (who really does exist) for the suggestion.


7 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Excellent name, and considering I’m a life long GM driver I like it even more.

    Remove the crappy rimstrips that come in most new wheels now and replace with good fiber ones. If they are blue plastic do this NOW!

    Buy better tires, I’ve had 3 flats in 3600 miles on my Grand Prix 4000s my friend has about one flat per ride on his specialized tires, they suck, buy continental and be done with it!

    Stay farther from the edge of roads where glass and junk hang out

    Use your glove to rub tires occasionally as you go down the road, just don’t get it caught between the frame.

    Buy rim strips, I personally don’t like em, but others swear by em.

    If you really want to stop flats go tubless, sure it’ll cost you a bunch of money, but they’ll seal themselves and at the rate you’re going you’ll save in the long run.

    • Thanks. I’m trying to stay in my “Happy Place,” but seven flats in five months (plus three broken spokes and two broken pedals) can take the wind out of your sails. We’ll see what happens.

  2. EDIT

    I meant buy tire liners, not rim strips, I allready mentioned rim strips.

    It has taken me years to learn, I’m a tightwad, but sometimes spending money is the only way to fix something.

    • I’ve got the liners but I haven’t put them in yet. The rim strips are cloth. I went to the bike shop tonight to check out their Armadillo tires. They were out of stock. Sigh. Even when I want to spend money I’m stuck.

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