The End Of “The Streak”

On Thursday, I wanted to go for a night ride but discovered my tire was flat.

On Friday, I went to the bike shop to buy Armadillo tires, but they were out of stock.

On Saturday, I put one of my patched tubes on my front tire and it almost immediately failed.

Today, I went for a run and actually accomplished what I set out to do. 

This will be the first weekend since April 10-11 that I didn’t go for a bike ride.  19 weeks is a good run.  Not quite like Cal Ripken, but still a good run.  The Armadillos are supposed to arrive on Wednesday.  Perhaps Ford and I will be back on the streets then.

4 thoughts on “The End Of “The Streak”

  1. Hopefully, the Armadillo tires will end your flat-tire woes!
    I see you opted to name your bike “Ford – Fix Or Repair Daily” as per your friend’s suggestion. I like it! Hopefully, that trend will stop too!

    1. I certainly hope so as well! It would be nice to go a few weeks without a breakdown. I’ve been reading a blog about a woman bicycling across Canada. She made it over 3,000 miles before she got her first flat. There’s a woman who biked to Australia from Ireland and got her first flat after being on the road for three years. That would be very nice.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Not familiar with Armadillos, but I use Gatorskins, and think they are the best. Hope your Armadillos will prove equally effective against flats.
    Wish you could have come yesterday. Several “new to our friend-group” folks did come. It was a day full of fun on bikes. Perhaps another time.

    1. I can’t find the Gators for sale locally, so I’ll be going with the Armadillos. There is an advert in this month’s issue of Bicycle Magazine in which Jen Voigt states, “You will die before these tires do.” We’ll see about that! Recent plans at work have forced me to ditch a 65-mile ride in Warrenton on October 23. I’m now considering a ride in Culpeper on October 2. Maybe we can link up there and ride a bit.

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