All Signed Up, But Not Ready To Go


I’ve decided to register for the Culpeper Cycling Century this October 2.  I’ll only be doing the 63 mile route, however.  This will be my first organized ride and will hopefully provide me many good lessons for the 2011 season, where I intend to do a few more events including a century or two.

Now all I have to do is get in shape.  How hard could that be?  Never mind – I already know!

2 thoughts on “All Signed Up, But Not Ready To Go

  1. Yay Steve! You will do great. We rode through Culpeper on the way to the BBC CWC and it’s so beautiful. Don’t overdo yourself the week prior, and if you have equipment adjustments to make, make them now, so you know what the repercussions are and can compensate for them. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. How are the daily rides going?

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