Century Season

I was at Revolution Cycles today, buying some absolutely critical gear for my bike prior to the Culpeper Cycling Century (of which I am only riding 65 miles) ride in two weeks.  Ok, “critical” may be a slight exaggeration of its importance.  It would probably be better to say I was buying some “things I could probably do without but they’d be nice to have so what the heck lets get ’em.”  I was short some accessories and I didn’t want to keep swapping them from Old Ironsides to the Trek every time I switched bikes.  So I picked up some water bottle holders, some Revolution Cycles water bottles, a Revolution Cycles saddle bag, an inner tube, and an CO2 system in the highly unlikely event of a flat.  Faithful readers will know that my first experience with CO2 inflation system ended in complete failure.  After some reassuring words from Ronnie, the store manager, I decided I am ready for another try. 

But CO2 systems are not the subject of today’s post.  Rather, a parting comment by Ronnie is what I am ruminating on this evening.  I mentioned to Ronnie that I was signed up for the Culpeper ride and he said, “Yes, it is now definitely Century Season.” 

This got me to thinking (a dangerous past time, I know).  I had no idea there was a specific “season” for century rides.  I suppose I could have guessed such a thing existed, if I ever stopped to consider it.  If there was a season for century rides, it certainly wouldn’t be in the Winter and I would imagine Spring is out as people are generally not prepared for such things at that time of year.  That leaves Summer and Fall.  I guess I always assumed that once it warmed up, centuries would be occurring all the time, everywhere.  

I’ve read about long tours and rides all summer but, upon further review, it does appear to me that things are picking up a bit as of late.  Just this weekend, a blog friend in Ashland, VA, completed a century in Surry, and she discusses several more events she’s getting ready to ride in.  Another blog friend in Illinois rode in an event this weekend.  Yet another blog buddy mentioned a Civil War Century brevet (a long distance ride sponsored by a type of cycling club known as randonneurs) went off last weekend.  I read about this event in yet another blog.  Then, of course, there’s my little ride in Culpeper.  That’s a lot of activity for the supposedly cooling weather during the busy school season.  

This is all of some interest to me as I begin to formulate my Grand Plan for next summer’s riding.  My planning is currently being foiled by the lack of information on 2011 rides just about anywhere on the internet.  I will continue to wait patiently for dates to be announced, but the lack of announcements could be explained by the fact that most events for 2011 are still 11-13 months out.  Patience, I am told, is a virtue.  I cannot speak from experience on that point, I’m afraid. 

I’ll leave you with some pics of today’s haul.  I tried everything out on a 26 miler and they worked just fine.  How some water bottles, holders, and a saddle bag could fail is beyond me but I believe if they could cause problems for me, they would! 

I could have bought blue water bottle holders, but Ronnie and my wife agree white was better


If my bike breaks down and people want to know where I bought it, I'll point to this.

4 thoughts on “Century Season

  1. I’ve been reading the blog. Also a Trek rider (1.5) since March and also gearing up for a century — Between the Waters Ride in October. Enjoy the bike, take it slow…. be careful out there as you plummet down steep shady roads miles from anywhere.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Steven. The Between the Waters ride has been on my short list for possible 2011 events. I think it would be fun to do an event near the ocean. The views would be great! It’d be flat, but the breezes could prove to be quite challenging. Please let me know how it turns out for you.

  2. It is definitely easier this time of year, in this time of weather, than in the summer. I Did a metric in early May, and started very early, but suffered from the heat, as the day progressed. Whereas Saturday, it was just plain perfect!
    When you do the Culpeper ride, it will be very nice also. Are you considering the Waynesboro ride in Oct? or is it the same weekend as Culpeper?
    And congrats on a successful bike tour of DC with the Fam.

    1. I’ll be out of town during the Waynesboro ride. I think Culpeper will be my only organized ride for this year. It will be a nice prologue for 2011, when I intend to “take my game to the next level.” It won’t be as adventurous as crossing the country, but it will still be an upgrade for me! 🙂

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