Afghanistan and My Cycling Schedule: The Connection

At the end of August, my work informed me that I would be traveling to Afghanistan for a couple of weeks.  This was a major bummer as I had previously registered for my first-ever organized ride, the Great Pumpkin Ride in Warrenton, VA, on October 23.  This was to be the capstone of my reintroduction to cycling after a 15 year hiatus.  The registration was nonrefundable, although the event organizers said they would look into making an exception to this policy.  My wife, daughter, and I were also registered to participate in the Worth 10K Run in Virginia Beach the following weekend.  The event organizers were very gracious and immediately granted me a refund.  Still, this was a bummer as it was to be the capstone to my wife’s introduction to running.

Not to be defeated by a simple business trip, I found another ride in Culpeper that was not in conflict.  I’ve since been preparing for the 65-mile route in the Culper Cycling Century, which is this Saturday.  Everything is all set for that event and I looked forward to completing a major goal for this year’s cycling.

Yesterday, I learned the trip to Afghanistan is cancelled.

Ah, the joys of working with the military!  Since the Great Pumpkin Ride never refunded my money, it looks like I will be participating in two 65-mile rides separated by two weeks.  It will be a good opportunity to compare two relatively small organized rides and apply some lessons learned in the first ride.

Sadly, the 10k run is fully booked, so that will remain a loss.

3 thoughts on “Afghanistan and My Cycling Schedule: The Connection

  1. Good luck in all of the races be they on a bike or on foot! I’ll be anxious to hear about them and, hopefully, see some pictures too!

    1. Truth be told, the cycling events aren’t really races. The object (I believe) is to enjoy the ride and finish. There aren’t any times or medals for top finishers. They have those kinds of rides in England – they call them sportifs and they would be fun to do, I think!

  2. Yeah, You win, if you have a good time;0)
    Finishing means you have a greater self image………. usually.
    Looking forward to your overview of the ride.
    Soooo glad you don’t have to go to Afghanistan.

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