I’m Pretty Sure I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

It’s two days until “The Big Day.”  Tomorrow I’ll be packing and thinking about what I am forgetting to do, so this will be the last blog until my ride report.  I’ve done plenty of reading, have talked to a few folks, and have racked up a fair amount of time alone on my bike.  I have learned just enough to know that I know almost nothing – and that’s part of the fun of Saturday’s ride!

I’ve never ridden in a group or in a paceline.  I’ve never had to show up on time with all my gear, ready to ride.  I’ve never stepped up to a registration area and “checked in”  (when do I get my T-Shirt?).  I’ve never been to a rest stop and sampled the wares.  I’ve never used cue cards.  I’ve never attempted to take directions from a race marshal. I’ve never drafted someone or allowed someone to “get on my wheel.”  I’ve never ridden in cold weather (forecasted start temp is 50 degrees with a high of 66).  I’ve never ridden this far.  There are probably many other cycling things I’ve never done and I don’t even know they exist yet.  I can only imagine the offenses I will cause and the predicaments I will find myself in.

Good stuff.  Can’t wait to sample it all.  I’m guaranteed a few good stories!

4 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

  1. I can’t wait to hear about your predicaments, your offenses, and your accomplishments, etc.! I hope that it’s everything positive you hoped it would be and more. Good luck, Steve!

  2. Have an amazing ride. You will do well. Remember, it’s a ride, just like your other rides, just longer, and with a lot of potential company to distract you from the pain in your ……….. (you know). 67 miles will do that to a cyclist;0)
    Moderate your pace, pre-hydrate, hydrate, re-hydrate. Fuel your furnace with calories, your blood with oxygen, and give your body the fluid it needs to transport both to where it’s needed.
    Start early, and remember, it’s NOT a race. It’s about enjoying the ride, and enjoying it.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Good luck with the ride Steve. It seems we are both in for an ‘interesting’ weekend. Looking forward to reading report when its all over.
    It seems you have plenty of good advice already. Just dont get carried away by the pace of other riders at the start is my advice. Give yourself time to warm up. Ride at a comfortable pace for you, you can always speed up later if you find you have energy to spare and you’ll probably find you pass quite a few towards the end.
    Good luck and enjoy !

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