Cycling in the Dark, Cold, Rain

Here’s a tip: you can’t see rain clouds when it’s dark out, so check your local weather channel or website before you begin your night ride.  Otherwise, you might find yourself cycling in a 55-degree rainstorm as I did last night.  It was a great character-building experience, but I hope not to repeat it anytime soon.

There’s no need to thank me – I’m happy to help.

I elected to keep Old Ironsides as my evening bike.  I generally keep those rides to around 15 miles and I think it can handle that load.  I also haven’t switched my light setup to the Trek.  I could easily make the switch but I would be mortified if I wrecked my new bike on a darkened wet trail. 

It was good to “work the kinks out” from this weekend’s ride.  Hopefully I’ll get another ride in tonight, then I can go for some longer trips on the weekend when the weather is forecasted to be great.


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