I Subscribed To A Magazine


Yesterday, I received the November issue of Bicycling Magazine in the mail.  I don’t subscribe to magazines very often.  In fact, this is my first mag since my subscription to Sports Illustrated ran out in 1987.  At $1/issue, the price was right and I’ll have something to read during the winter months when I should be cycling but I’ve wussed out.

This month’s issue is chock-full of interesting items, like how to ride in Autumn (just have fun), are you eating enough protein (Answer: eat red meat), yoga moves for cyclists (my favorite: the Reclining Pigeon Pose), and the 2011 Bike Preview (because buying two bikes in 2010 may not be enough for me – ha!).  There’s plenty more than that to chew on and I’m sure I’ll share my thoughts in this space on more than one article that peeks my interest.

In an odd development, I received ANOTHER issue of Bicycling Magazine in today’s mail.  It’s the October issue, which I already bought in a store.  Oh well – off to the recycle bin!

UPDATE:  While typing this post, this site entertained Visitor #3,000.  Thanks to all of you for your continued interest!  If Visitor 3,000 knows who he/she is, please announce yourself and receive the acclaim that is your due!


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