The Widewater Park Mystery

One of the neat things about maintaining a blog is the good people at provide you a plethora of interesting statistics concerning blog visits.  I can see the number of visitors by day, week, or month.  I can see what pages are being looked at.  I can see what websites are referring people to the blog.  It’s all very geeky and mildly interesting.  I was hoping to make this a subject of a blog post around the end of the year – sort of a “What Was Most Popular On The Blog” post.  I’ll probably still do that, but I simply cannot wait any longer to talk about one particular and very peculiar aspect of these statistics.

It involves Widewater Park.

Back in early August, I rode out to Widewater Park in Stafford County.  It was a pleasant day which featured one of my many flat tires on Old Ironsides.  It is the one and only time I pedaled out to the park and it is the only time I have ever mentioned it in this blog.  Despite this, Widewater Park is BY FAR the most frequently searched term on this blog.

You might guess some of the terms that internet search engines point my way.  “Specialized Crosstrail” has been used 14 times to find this site.  “Dork Disk” has been used six times and “Quantico National Cemetery” has been used four times.  “Widewater Park” (or various permutations of that phrase) has been used 37 times to find this site.  Wow!

Despite the fact that the Widewater post is over two months old, there is a steady interest in the term.  Today, one person used it to find this site.  On the 25th, it was used two times.  It was used once on the 24th and three times on the 22nd.  There has been a slow, steady interest in this park (which, incidentally, isn’t even a park) and I can only imagine what that interest might be.

I’d love to know why this search term dwarfs all other topics.  If anyone who has found the site while searching for that term, I’d love to hear from you!

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