In The Dark

Perhaps those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere have noticed – the days are getting shorter.  This means that any sort of evening ride will involve hours of limited visibility.  I’ve been working in one or two night rides every week for some time now, but as the sun sets earlier and the temperatures drop with each passing day, my wife has begun to question the wisdom of this practice.  Tonight was no exception.  Our conversation went something like this:

Wife:  I see you have your cycling clothes on.  Are you going out for a ride?

Me: The thought crossed my mind.

Wife:  I see.  Tell me, do you see other cyclists out there at this time of day?

Me:  Come to think of it, not really.

Wife:  Perhaps there’s a reason for that.

Me:  Perhaps.  Maybe it will occur to me while I’m on my ride.

Wife:  Maybe.  Have fun on your ride.  It’s been good to know you.

And then I was off.  I decided to wander through the neighborhoods where I live.  This was a bit daring as most of these streets I’ve never been on in broad daylight, let alone an overcast evening with a fading moon.  In some ways it was easier than staying on the Spriggs Road path.  The headlights from cars on that road were blinding me and it was difficult to see the path.  On the back roads, my eyes could adjust and my sole concern was avoiding any maniacs that might come flying up behind me and not notice my blinking red light.

As luck would have it, I did not come into contact with any maniacs.  I had a pleasant ride in 50 degree temps.  It just started to rain as I pedaled into my drive.  Old Ironsides performed very well and all is right with the world.

And for the record, over 15.6 miles I saw two groups of walkers (five people total) and no cyclists.  I’m still ruminating on my wife’s question!


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