I Am An Important And Influential Blogger

I am always looking for opportunities to overinflate my abilities and the good people at the Australian blog, The RiotACT, have given me that very thing.  They came across my piece on Canberra cycling and did me the favor of informing their readership of it.  I knew something was up when the number of hits on this humble blog tripled its normal daily rate!  You can read the post and the comments it generated here.  Apparently, not everyone in Canberra agrees that all is well in the cycling community in that fair city.

(For those who may not know it, the name RiotACT is a clever play on words.  “ACT” is the acronym for the district in which Canberra sits – the Australian Capital Territory”)

Getting a mention in a big-time blog was quite amusing to me.  Since they were good enough to send huge amounts of traffic in my direction, I encourage my hardy band of readers to visit them.  They probably won’t notice the slight blip on their visit totals, but it’s the principal that counts!

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