A Sobering Story

You talk to anyone who has been cycling for any length of time and he/she will eventually tell you  about “The Crash.”  It seems that almost every cyclist has a story about some epic accident that involves (at a minimum) significant pain and damage to the bike.

After seven months and 1,900 miles, I am still waiting for my event.  It may not come for many years, but just as surely as I knew I would eventually fall over while wearing clipless shoes, I am (pretty) sure I will experience something I will thereafter refer to as “The Crash.”

Today, a 51-year old cyclist (that’s five years older than me) died from injuries sustained in an accident near Mount Vernon (that’s 20 miles from me).  The accident was a fairly common one – the driver turning left did not see the cyclist passing through the intersection (with the right of way) and broadsided him.  You can read a short article about the accident here.

My thoughts are with this man’s family.  I can only hope that when it comes, my crash won’t be anywhere near as traumatic.

EDIT:  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the recent fatality involving a long-time cyclist in the Potomac Pedalers Club.  He was previewing a club ride last month when he swerved to avoid an animal on a descent.  This resulted in a fall which took his life.  Apart from the terrible loss, this serves as a reminder to me that “The Crash” need not involve automobiles, or even another person.


3 thoughts on “A Sobering Story

  1. Sad though I am for this guy’s family, I don’t think “The Crash” is obligatory. Hopefully, like me, you’ll have a more minor prang with consequences that serve as a timely reining-in of recklessness.

  2. This is very upsetting, and an accident that can easily be avoided. Motorists need to be held accountable. Quite frequently in Virginia, motorists are never charged with anything, but rather, the accidents are considered “unavoidable”. The lack of consequences means behavior doesn’t change.
    I, too, am sad for the family, but furious with a state and system that continues to sanction the behavior.

    Gotta go ride….. as safely as I have control over.

  3. I hate hearing about these but I hear about them alot, the left turn cyclist T-Bone is the biggest cause of rider/car crashes. There is no way to be 100% safe but my advice is to pretend you’re invisible. I always try to make eye contact with drivers, wave, yell, whatver. If they don’t make eye contact with me I look to make sure I have a place to go if they pull out in front of me.

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