Things I Am Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving here in America and in accordance with tradition I have been pondering those things I am thankful for.  I’ve even compiled a list for your reading pleasure.  Since this is a cycling blog I have limited the list to items of a cycling nature.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

(Cycling) Things I Am Thankful For:

2010 Specialized Crosstrail.  Yes, it had nine flats and yes it broke three spokes.  But it brought me back to cycling after a 15 year hiatus and it took me over 1,200 miles.  There’s a lot to be said for that.

Smooth Roads with Wide Shoulders.  Almost goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Bontrager R1 700×23 tires.  Until you’ve flatted nine times in three months, it’s difficult to appreciate what a set of dependable tires can do for your morale.

The Garmin 500 Edge GPS.  What a wonderful toy!  It’s given me no end of amusement, both on the bike and at home in front of my computer.

Blog Readers.  Who have provided me no end of helpful advice and fantastic stories!

Beautiful Views.  I’ve seen some sights I would have missed without being on two wheels.

Descents.  But only when they are preceded (and therefore earned) with ascents.

Brifters.  What an amazing invention!  I can barely remember what downtube shifting feels like.

Organized Ride Volunteers.  They’re helpful, excited, and ready to assist in whatever way they can. 

My Cycling Shorts.  Enough said.

The 2011 Trek 2.1.  My second bike in six months.  I doubt I can keep that pace up and I doubt I will need to!

And Last But Not Least,

My Sainted Wife.  Who tolerates my extended absences, listens to my incessent babbling on cycling topics of only remote interest to her, who drops me off in far away places, picks me up when I break down in other far away places, does not begrudge significant monetary outlays on cycling stuff, and in ways too numerous to count fully supports and encourages me with this cycling thing I’m doing.


3 thoughts on “Things I Am Thankful For

  1. Great things to be thankful for. I can relate to the spousal support – my husband sounds a lot like your wife, only he really likes cycling from a spectating aspect. That kind of support makes all the difference in the world. (Unless they are secretly hoping to get rid of us for a while!)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dana! You may be on to something! Except my wife has dropped what she was doing on three separate occasions to come get me out of a jam. I am forced to conclude that she’s simply being a good person! 🙂

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