A Cold And Windy Day

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  – Woody Allen

I hope the people in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying the sun.  We’re still a few weeks from the solstice and I already miss it.  The cold days certainly make “showing up” more difficult!

With a strong possibility that I won’t be able to cycle tomorrow (Harry Potter is calling me), I resolved to keep my weekend cycling streak alive and set off into the teeth of a steady 20 mph wind.  The temperature was in the upper 40s and this was the coldest ride of the year for me.  The wind only made it more “exciting.” 

The best that can be said for today was I have now cycled 13 weekends in a row.  My only break since mid-April was August 28-29, due to one of my many mechanical issues with Old Ironsides.  I’m also within spitting distance of 2,000 miles for the year.  Barring a major calamity, that mark is well within my grasp.

I didn’t do anything exciting with my route.  I just traveled up my old friend, Rte 234.  The first 12.2 miles were into the wind and it took me 55 minutes to cover them.  It was a tough go.  As one might expect, turning around made all the difference.  The return trip took me only 38 minutes and my heart rate dropped from near max to Zone 3.

I think I’ve just about reached the max of my current cold weather kit.  My full-finger gloves are thin and meant for Fall weather, not the depths of Winter.  I used two pairs of socks and my thin shoe covers kept me warm, but I don’t think they can handle much more.  My skull cap worked just fine.  For my torso, I used a new fleece jacket with a jersey and long sleeve shirt.  That, too, was up to the task but I could feel the limits of the arrangement.  Without a significant overhaul, I believe 40 degrees is my limit.  That’s about 25 degrees colder than I would have ever imagined cycling in just nine months ago!

6 thoughts on “A Cold And Windy Day

  1. It does take a while to collect the right clothes to allow you to get out in cold weather. Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of remembering what works at certain temperatures.

    Which reminds me…I need to be thinking about what to wear for the forecasted 23 degree morning coming up this week!

    • A bathrobe and slippers next to the fire sound like appropriate clothing for that kind of weather! Cycling is definitely a “gear intensive” sport and the list of things to purchase only seems to lengthen – never shorten.

    • Best of luck with the final trips of the year and thanks for stopping by! I’ve been reading a bit about conditioning rides in the winter – lots of low heart rate events in order to build a base for next Spring. Sounds good when you say it fast. We’ll see how it goes in practice.

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