Davis Ford

It can be worse than 40 degrees and sunny.  That’s what I kept telling myself as I went on today’s ride.  My objective was Davis Ford, to take a picture of the small bridge over the Occoquan River and compare it to one I took in April.  I also wanted to try a “Zone 2 Workout,” in which you try to keep your heart rate down in that relatively low zone (Zone 1 is your resting heart rate) in order to burn fat and “build a conditioning base” (whatever that is) for next summer’s rides.

I pedaled northward and eventually ended up on the path parallel to the Prince William Parkway.  This is not in the best of shape and I have heard reports of many riders suffering flats on this stretch.  Fortunately, I emerged unscathed and was soon on the steep downhill to Davis Ford.  I pulled over at a small patch of dirt and took a picture of the river:

By way of comparison, this is how it looked in April:

I like April.  I’m trying to get into cold weather cycling, but so far it’s charms elude me.  Apart from the seasonally flavored Clif Bars  (today’s was Iced Gingerbread!) there isn’t very much upside.  It takes longer to get ready, longer to put everything away when you return, you have less hearing due to the skull cap, and less flexibility due to the layers of clothing.  And one more thing – it’s freakin’ cold out.

I was hoping to try a new road – Asdee Lane – but this turned out to be another dirt road.  I really didn’t want to press my luck and flat in weather like today, so I took a less adventurous route.  While traveling through a neighborhood only two miles from my house, I threw in a small wrinkle and went up Saratoga and George Washington roads, which I have never been on before .  Imagine my surprise when I came across an historical marker!

click for details

It’s not a terribly fascinating one, other than it bears a resemblance to the stereotypical “George Washington Slept Here” signs you often see on old buildings up and down the East Coast.  It’s hard to picture Messrs. Washington and Jefferson stomping about this area today.  It’s just a simple subdivision, just like thousands of others that are strung together around Washington, DC.  And no, the picture is not at an angle.  The sign is really tilted that much.

Idiot Of The Ride.  I haven’t had occasion to use this award of late, but a workman passing me in a pickup truck on Spriggs Road has given me cause to do so today.  On a four lane road that had very little traffic, this guy felt the need to pass within a foot of me and blare his horn while doing so.  His passenger was pointing at the mixed-use path next to the road – an indication that this is where they believed I should be.  The irony is that I was lawfully traveling in the road, as far to the right as possible, and the only one who broke the law was this loser, who did not give me the two feet of clearance required by law.  I’m sure hitting your horn as you pass someone for the sole purpose of startling him is a no-no as well.  Merry Christmas.


11 thoughts on “Davis Ford

    • But it’s a dry heat, right? 🙂

      Although 40C (104F) is a tad warm, I do believe I would prefer it to what I’m stuck with for the next three months. If you don’t like the sun, you are welcome to send it back my way early. I’ll give it a good home!

  1. Are you layering your clothing, and wearing a good merino base layer, gloves, neck warmer, toe covers, etc?
    You shouldn’t feel bulky. Do you have a vest?
    It takes me a bit to get motivated to cycle in the cold, but once I’m there…… I’m loving it! Today was awesome….. 5 hours of cycling, and it didn’t start to snow until I got off the bike;0)

    • No wool, just a longsleeve t-shirt, followed by a fleece jacket, then a jersey, then a windbreaker. Collars turned up on jacket and windbreaker. Skull cap over head/ears. Long-fingered gloves stuck inside Army-issue leather “shells.” Two pairs of socks and toe covers. Everything worked well. I just don’t enjoy 30-mph breezes (10 mph wind plus my own velocity) in my face in near freezing temps. I don’t like watching snot drip out of my nose and onto my cross bar. I don’t like the loss of hand dexterity due to heavier gloves, meaning I can’t dig food/camera/whatever out of my jersey pockets. I don’t like the muffled noises of the world due to my skull cap. I’ve never been much of a winter person. I blame it on emotional trauma from a youth spent in Upstate New York. 18 of those winters was 18 too many! 🙂

  2. A bit more humid than normal yesterday, but much better than the likes of Sydney and Brisbane. It required several cold beers whilst watching Australia being stitched up by the Poms in the second Test match (cricket) at the beautiful Adelaide Oval

  3. Oi you lot! We’ve been handed our arses on a plate by the Aussies at Cricket (any sport actually) for too many years! A bit of payback is in order I think! Anyway, to all my American friends, what ever happened to “The special relationship?” Shouldn’t you be supporting us Limeys instead of the Aussies? Lol!

    But the series ain’t over yet and we have a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, I’d wait for the fat lady to start singing before reaching for the sleeping pills and the bottle of vodka!

    As for the cold weather cycling, the only thing that bugs me is the cold feet thing. I suffered immersion foot (trench foot) in the army in the 80s and my feet haven’t been right since. It doesn’t matter what I do, after an hour of sub zero pedalling they feel like blocks of ice.

    I’m currently trying to commute on a shorter route so I get to work or home before the foot freeze sets in.

    • The Special Relationship is alive and well! After the drubbing you adminstered in Rugby, I’m just looking for some small measure of retribution. 🙂 Besides, Australia is part of the Commonwealth, so it’s not like I’m rooting for China or some such country!

  4. It irks me to say it, but having followed the first one and a half test matches, the Aussies are being totally outclassed by the England/South Africa side at this stage

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