2000 Miles

Let the record show that my total mileage for the season topped 2,000 miles at the end of today’s ride.  Although it’s not much to most experienced cyclists, it’s about twice as much as I hoped to do when I started last April.  I planned my ride so I would reach the mark as I pedaled up my home street.  I enjoyed a small victory ride up my street, then returned to reality at the end of my driveway by checking to see if the mail had arrived.

Truth be told, reaching this mark wasn’t terribly difficult.  It was more a matter of consistently  “showing up” and putting in a ride – once a week in the short/cold days of late and more often during the longer and warmer days of summer.  In April, I thought 1,000 miles for the year would be a nice goal.  It makes me wonder what I’ll be shooting for a year from now.

For fun, I plotted a 2,000 mile route westward from my home in Woodbridge, VA.  I ended up in Byrnes Crossing, Wyoming!

When you string it together, 2000 miles looks impressive!

Today’s ride was the coldest of the year for me.  I tried two new items: a military-issue balaclava and some plastic wrap around my feet.  The wrap (or “cling film” as the folks in England call it) actually worked quite well.  Thanks to Brian in UK for the tip!  The balaclava was less successful.  It kept me warm but it was very difficult to draw breath through the material when I was working hard.  I was thus faced with a choice: warm face and reduced oxygen or plenty of oxygen and cold face.  I tended to alternate.

Waiting patiently for Spring...


15 thoughts on “2000 Miles

  1. Congratulations! I remember my 2,000 mile mark this year. It was a big deal. I too have plotted my travel on a bike, using GoogleEarth each week. Great way to put it in perspective.

    Many of our group use a balaclava that keeps the nose and mouth exposed, and find that works better than the full face balaclava. It has worked for me down to 20 degrees F. I don’t much like sucking wind through the fabric.


    • Thanks! Of course, the route to Wyoming would be more impressive if I actually DID IT! LOL Still, it is interesting to graphically see just how far I’ve managed to go.

      I was hoping my military kit would get me through. It did alright in a pinch. If I ever get as dedicated as you I will need something more comfortable.

    • That’s a remarkable post, Tracy. You wrote almost the exact same thing as I did almost exactly one year ago! I’m a little less squeemish about the whole snot/spit thing you mention. I sure don’t like it, but I guess it’s the cost of doing business in the Winter. Lets just hope for a few warm spells to break up the Winter months before Spring arrives!

  2. Congrats on hitting the 2000 mile mark!
    I’ve made a custom balaclava for myself. It has a cotton fabric over the mouth/nose, so it breathes better than the lycra. It also folds down easily, for when I’m having probs with the steam fogging up my glasses/goggles. I, too, prefer the gator. But, in hopes of preserving any semblance of youthful appearance, opt for the balaclava whenever possible.

    • Well if it’s good enough for an Olympian, I suppose it is good enough for me! There are any number of insulated shoe covers that would probably do the job, but I’m hopeful that very cold weather will be limited. I’d rather sink my money into things for cycling in warm weather. The cling film will get me through these dark times!

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