Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church


Things are a tad slow in my cycling world as of late.  I’m busily preparing my end of year posts (oh, boy!) and my 2011 cycling schedule is rounding into shape (the first event is only 75 days away!).  I am hopeful for a few more interesting trips in 2010, including a nighttime hunt for the best Christmas light display in my neighborhood.
In the meantime, I have pulled out some images from warmer days in November to add to my collection of historical markers.  These pics are from the Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church on Fleetwood Drive.  I pedal past this church (and its modern version across the street) on many of my rides.  During my ride to the Handymart in November, I stopped to read the marker and take some pictures.

Bishop Asbury

The church is named after Francis Asbury, one of the first two Methodist bishops in North America.  Upon his arrival to the Colonies in 1771, Asbury established a “Circuit System” of assigning multiple churches to a single pastor.  This practice was common in England.  In rural areas, the pastors would often travel by horse to each of their assigned churches.  These clergy came to be known as “Circuit Riders.”

Of course, even though this church was built 40 years after the Civil War, it is important for the historical commission to note that Confederate Veterans participated in its construction!   
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3 thoughts on “Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church

    • I was going to unveil this as part of my post on the 2011 cycling schedule, but what the heck, I’ll spill the beans here! My first organized ride will be the Swedish Embassy’s Vasa Ride on March 5. It’s a tribute to a famous cross-country ski race that Sweden hosts at that time of year. Like the ski race, this ride is 56 miles long. The route uses bike paths in NW Washington DC. Swedish Blueberry Soup for all finishers. It should be a hoot!

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