Stuff I Wanna Do This Year

A lot of people have contacted me and asked, “Steve, what are your plans for 2011?  I’m very interested to learn what you’ll be up to!” 

Ok, that’s not entirely accurate.  In fact, no one has asked me that question.  But on the off chance you are interested, I offer my thoughts on the upcoming year’s cycling goals.  For those of you in the Mid-Atlantic region, perhaps we’ll meet up at some of these events.

I’m discovering that many organizations are not as quick to publish their 2011 ride calendar as I would like.  It is therefore a little challenging to neatly lay out an entire year of riding events..  The below list is what I hope to build my year around.  With any luck, I’ll be able to fill in some of the blank spaces as time goes on.  If not, I’ll just “make my own fun” with some solo rides I have been pondering!

Vasa Ride (March 6).  Hosted by the Swedish Embassy in honor of the Vasaloppet cross country ski race, this 56-mile ride covers trails and roads of NW Washington, DC.  All finishers get to sample some blueberry soup, which I look forward to with some trepidation.  The trails will be muddy and/or icy, so I’ll be using Old Ironsides on this one.  You don’t often get to ride in honor of Nordic cross country ski events, so this should be a very unique way to start the season.

Cap2Cap (May 7).  This ride is on the Virginia Capital Trail, which connects the current capital of Richmond with the historic capital of Williamsburg.  This will be my first century.  I think it is a good fit for me because of the history angle and the flat terrain, which will be nice when I take on 100 miles for the first time.

Bike DC (May?).  The route is only 20 miles long, but the scenery is very unique: past the Capitol, the White House, into Georgetown, then past the Pentagon with a finish in Crystal City.  This seems to be a fairly significant annual event, but I can’t find any information for the 2011 edition.  Great feats of endurance are not the point of this event – community cycling on roads normally closed to bicycles is the attraction.  This will be a great ride for me and the missus, so I hope it comes together.

Reston Century (August 21).  This will be three weeks before my major event of the year.  The route will head toward the Blue Ridge Mountains and will give me a bit of a hill workout, which I’ll definitely need at the next ride!

Civil War Century (September 11).  For a history buff like me, this century is irresistable – 100 miles over three Civil War battlefields (Gettysburg, South Mountain and Antietam).   In addition to some cool sites, this will be the year’s most demanding ride, with 7,400 feet of climbing and four mountain ascents.  I’ll need to be ready for this one and much of my training in July and August will be in preparation for this event.

I’ll probably sign up for an October century and perhaps an event for the mid summer, should something present itself.  If nothing pops open, I am busily developing some personal challenges that I may take on instead.  We’ll see what the future brings!


9 thoughts on “Stuff I Wanna Do This Year

  1. Seems a very nice program of events Steve.. some interesting and varied rides there I think.. better start getting those miles in your legs soon.. 🙂

  2. This sounds like a great year, and some great events.
    Your area appears to offer some nice, varied rides. I wish my area did. Pretty cookie-cutter around here.

    Hopefully, we’ll both cross the 4,000 mark in 2011.

    • You’ve got neat stuff too – there’s a ride out your way where people carry their bikes across dry river beds while serenaded by mariachi bands. There’s nothing like that around here!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ed, and thanks for the tip. You’ve got a great blog and it is immediately evident that you have forgotten more about photography than I will ever know!

  3. Hey Steve,
    Glad to hear you have the Cap2Cap 2011 on your calendar this year. We hope you’ll love the route through Charles City County, the rest stops with great food and volunteers, and the fun festivities at Rocketts Landing–bands, food, beer truck etc. It’s our biggest fundraiser, so bring all your friends! Hopefully registration will open in the next couple of weeks. Keep checking our website, and/or get on our email list for a personal announcement. ( and just say you want on our list)
    See you on May 7!!!!!!

    • I’m looking forward to it, Beth. Here’s hoping I get through my first century in good form and I get to enjoy the scenery and Rocketts Landing rather than testing the capabilities of the EMTs!

  4. I love my History too, looking forward to your write up of the Civil War pedal.

    That’s a heck of a schedule you’ve got there, best get out and get them legs turning mate! 🙂

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