Plodding Along

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10 miles in a freezing moonless night was the best I could do today.  My concerns over visibility forced me onto the neighborhood sidewalks, where I contended with seams in the cement, walkers, joggers, and pet owners.  The poor lighting also caused me to slow down, all of which kept my pace embarrassingly slow. 

I tried an experiment on the local golf course.  I thought perhaps the cart path would make a nice ride.  I wouldn’t recommend this, especially on dark nights.  It was way too difficult to figure out where the path picked up on each hole.  After wandering over three holes, I gave up and pressed on.

Sunset tomorrow will be one minute later than it was today.  Baby steps.


5 thoughts on “Plodding Along

  1. Cudos to you Steve for riding at night. You seem to be the night time warrior around these parts. I have to admit, after hearing countless times from the lady exactly how dangerous night riding is, she has me kind of spooked! Not to mention, I’ve seen the way motorists drive around here. For now I will stick to my day time riding, but stay safe out there conrad!

    • I’m definitely not fan of riding at night for the reasons you describe. I stay off the streets and stick to sidewalks and paths. Things can still get dicey there because pedestrians don’t always wear reflective clothing or expect a cyclist to come along. I make the occasional effort for no good reason other than to tempt fate.

  2. You are 52 miles ahead of me in 2011.

    Good on ya.

    I am heading to California for work for a few weeks, and taking the Unfat Machine. Hopefully, I can crank out some miles in the western sunshine!

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