The Streak Is Alive

Here’s the thing about streaks: once you get a good one going, there’s great incentive to keep it alive.  Take my streak of weekend rides, for example.  In normal circumstances, there is no way I would have cycled today.  The sun was shining, but the temperature was at freezing and there was a steady 20mph wind, gusting to over 30mph.  I had absolutely no interest in subjecting myself to those conditions, but the thought of ending my streak on sunny day, regardless of temp and wind, was too much to bear.  If my streak is going to end, it needs to end with a proper calamity – weather, injury, mechanical, whatever.  But certainly not in the sunshine. 

I headed out.

I’ve written before on the science behind wind resistance and cycling.  You can read about it here or simply know the analytic conclusion: riding in the wind just plain blows (pun intended).  I struggled up Rte 234, often fighting to keep my speed above 8 mph.  I could feel the wind pushing me backward.  When I made the turn at the nine mile point, it was sweet relief.  The rest of the ride home was at twice the speed with less effort.

So the streak is intact for at least another weekend.  The good news is it is a three-day holiday for me so I’ll have some extra opportunities to ride.  The bad news is the forecast is for temps to once again be 5-10 degrees below normal.  I’ve never thought of 60 degrees as being particularly warm, but right now it would be positively balmy!


5 thoughts on “The Streak Is Alive

  1. Wind does, if you’ll excuse the pun, “suck”. As well as, er, blow too.
    It is the weather condition I hate the most, rain, snow, ice, fog all pales into insignificance behind my loathing of gas hills. Which is a bugger, because wind is perhaps the most prevalent weather condition we pedal in.

  2. Wow I looked at you’re heart rate data and you were really working hard, 160 avg and 175 max. Its pretty tough for me to hit 175 max without a giant hill or a really fast group.

    Keep this up and you’ll be an animal come spring, well I guess were all animals but you get my point.

    • LOL. I wasn’t kidding when I said the wind was kicking my arse!

      I’ve noticed my heart rate seems to go higher than most cyclists. I’m not sure what it means, but I do know it is normal for me. I’ve been hitting 170 bpm on ellipticals, stairmasters, treadmills, etc… for years. I like having the heart rate monitor on my rides because it gives me some clear feedback when I’m going too hard. On long rides, I need to keep my rate in the 150s if I don’t want to have serious problems after a couple of hours.

  3. We had a windy day over here too. It took only a minute less to cycle the ten miles back from our turning point than it took to go out. Since it is down hill pretty well all the way, this was a bit of a struggle.

    My view of the science of riding in windy conditions is to do a lot of research and then make sure the wind is behind all the time.

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