Exciting First-Ever Promotional Offer


One of Road ID's Products

I am pleased to announce that this blog, in cooperation with Road ID, is providing a link which will give ONE DOLLAR OFF any Road ID product for the next 28 days!!!  The offer is good for the first 20 people to respond.  To redeem this coupon, enter this coupon number at the RoadID.Com website: ThanksSteven2327066. 

Or just click this link: 


Right now, you probably have a few questions, including:

1. Is this serious?

2. It’s only a dollar.  You’re making it sound like we can win a free car.  Are you crazy?

3. Are those Australian dollars?

Perhaps a bit of the back story is in order here.  I recently purchased an identity bracelet from RoadID.Com.  This is a fairly inexpensive device upon which is engraved important contact and medical information which will be of great use to EMTs should they happen upon you after a crash.  You can put any information you like on up to six lines of text.  You can even use any extra lines for motivational phrases like, “DON’T GIVE UP!” or memorialize important achievements such as, “8K MILES IN 2010.”


I haven’t received my bracelet yet, so I cannot personally vouch for the quality of the product.  However, I did receive an email from the good people at RoadID.Com, in which they encouraged me to share the above promotional code with as many friends as possible.  As the email stated,…

              “Feel free to send this coupon via email, Twitter, Facebook,               MySpace, town crier, or good ole fashion smoke signal.”

So there it is.  It may not be much of an offer, but I’m afraid it’s the best my advertising budget (which is a number very close to zero) can afford.  I encourage you to check out the link and if you decide to purchase their product feel free to use the promotional code.  Again, I cannot vouch for any of their products but I wanted to share this humble offer with folks who might actually use it.

And no, those aren’t Australian dollars.  They’re American.  Sorry for any confusion.


2 thoughts on “Exciting First-Ever Promotional Offer

    • I chose black – very classy. It arrived in the mail today and it’s all I could hope for. The only remaining question is how well it holds up over time. I can’t imagine why it would wear out. It’s a pretty simple design!

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