Signed Up For Vasa

Vasa Start Point - The Swedish Embassy

Registration opened today for the 2011 Vasa Ride and I’m “all in!”  The ride is hosted by the Swedish Embassy and the Washington Area Bicylist Association in tribute to the famous Vasaloppet cross-country ski race.  I’ll be taking on the full 59-mile ride (same length as the ski race) but there are half and quarter length rides as well.  Registration is free and you even get to eat blueberry soup at the finish.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend March 6!

You can register here.

Today’s 31 mile ride was nondescript, apart from the woman I saw texting while jogging.  That was a first for me.  For the second consecutive weekend, I saw no cyclists on the road.  I hope some more folks brave the cold – being the cycling world’s sole representative to the unwashed masses is a daunting responsibility!


6 thoughts on “Signed Up For Vasa

  1. Thanks for the info Steve. When last you mentioned this in a post, I searched for the info and couldn’t find it. I’m registered! Although I would not venture to try to keep up with you, perhaps we will meet at this event. My friends, and my husband are usually UP for something fun like this.

    • Excellent! It will be great to meet you and your husband. And thank you for the compliment. You make me feel like a serious cyclist. I know this – only one of us is going to bike across the country this year!

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