Cycling In Tampa: The Movie

I’ve taken another step in my journey to embrace technology.  I’ve managed to create a movie of my Tampa photos, save it to YouTube, and finally load it into this blog.  This is something that most 12 year olds could do but I still consider it to be a significant advancement  in my technical proficiency.


UPDATE:  The video cannot be viewed from this site due to copyright issues (that’s what I get for using Beatles music).  You can still see the video at YouTube.  Just click on the pic below and follow the link.

2 thoughts on “Cycling In Tampa: The Movie

  1. Great video Steve. Although I have to say it’s quite misleading… it doesn’t look like 45 degrees to me! I suppose that’s why they call it the sunshine state.

    1. Beaches are supposed to be warm, right? On that day, I suppose they still were warm in a relative sense. It was about 25 degrees warmer than my home town with far less snow!

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