My Photo Shoot

 As an Important and Influential Blogger, it should be of no surprise to you that a professional photographer recently requested permission to photograph me while I demonstrated my cycling technique.  After learning more about this event, you might point out that the photographer was my daughter, who only wanted the pictures so she could complete a homework assignment for her college photography course.  You would be right.  You would also be a killjoy.  So let us focus on the more uplifting aspects of this event and avoid the more mundane portions, shall we?

For the backdrop of our photo shoot, my photographer selected a parking lot at the extremely glamorous and scenic Montclair Elementary School (home of the Cardinals!).  After setting up her equipment and checking the lighting, we got to work on her primary goal: a photograph which blurred the background behind me while keeping me in focus.  Behold, the first-ever photograph of Yours Truly on a bicycle, taken by someone other than Yours Truly!

It took a surprisingly large number of attempts to get this photo.  There were several technical details involved that I was only dimly aware of.  Having completed our main project, my photographer decided to do some experimenting.  The below “Salvador Dali” photo was the result.  My photographer informs me that she is in the process of applying some of the dark arts of photo editing to further alter the picture.  That should be interesting!

Then we took some black and white shots, because nothing says “Up-Scale and Hip Photography” like black and white!

Here, I demonstrate a proper (ie., “cool”) resting position.  There are accepted techniques for standing around with your bike.  This is one of them.  Enjoy.

My photographer then wanted to get the rider out of the picture so she could focus on subjects that were more visually appealing, like my bike by itself.  I did my best to keep it upright by holding the rear tire out of frame.  My photographer asked me why I didn’t have a kick stand for my bike.  I laughed.  A lot.  Then I told her it was too hard to explain.

Here’s another shot of the bike, sans rider. 

I must say that I am very impressed with my photographer’s work.  It’s not easy making me look acceptable and I believe she has done so admirably.  Incidentally, if you are in the Northern Virginia area and would like some pictures taken, she is available for a small fee.  You can reach her at this website:  FreeThinking Photography.


14 thoughts on “My Photo Shoot

  1. I jealous of your daughter. I went through a photography phase nearly 20 years ago. I laughingly say that I was ahead of my time…I was stuck working with Kodachrome slides and bad printers of print film. Needless to say, the film expense was horrible…you didn’t have much of a chance to play around the way you can today with digital.

    One of the slides I was most proud of was a picture similar to her first one, except I managed to get two bikes in focus while blurring the background!

  2. Great talent, the last bike shot is an excellent composition, and the very first shot is a great motion blur.

    I’ve been trying to talk my wife into taking some photos of me, but we haven’t got around to it yet. Somehting to do.

  3. Steve, are you saying you have a kid in university?? At first I thought she was an elementary school student, since that was the locale for your shoot, which made me think that the US is certainly promoting art at a young age! But reality slowing dawned. You’re holding up quite well for a guy with a daughter in uni…or are you using a stunt double for these action shots?

    • It is true – I have a daughter in uni and she graduates in a few months. It gets worse – she’s not my oldest kid. My oldest is 24! I owe my youthful appearance entirely to the benefits of recreational cycling. 🙂

    • Thanks! I tried to convince my daughter to let me borrow her $600 camera for some Danger Panda shots, but she wasn’t willing to risk destroying her pride and joy!

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