Hello Flatness, My Old Friend

I went on a short 17-miler today, intent on pushing my personal best pace over a “short” distance – 18.7 mph.  Things were feeling good.  Really good.  Despite stopping to dismount over a tree on the bike path (downed during a wind storm yesterday) I was on a great pace.  I had completed the uphill portion of my ride and was averaging 17.9 mph with six miles to go.  These are mostly downhill and my PBR was in my sights.

Then I had a flat.

Then I realized I didn’t have a spare tube because I still hadn’t put my saddle bag back on my bike after washing it last week.

Then I called my wife, who once again bailed me out of a jam.

The cause of the flat was a shard of broken glass from a beer bottle.  To the two cars who honked their horns in derision as they passed me, you have my sympathy.  I’ll try not to act the same way to the next stranded motorist I pedal past.  To the nice lady who stopped and asked if I needed a lift, you have my gratitude. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pull my head out of my arse and put the saddle bag on my bike!


9 thoughts on “Hello Flatness, My Old Friend

    • No worries. It’s been over five months and 1,500 miles since my last one. For awhile there, I was averaging about one every 50 miles. That was a bother!

  1. I’ve been waiting for my first flat. I thought I’d have them every week with these little roadie tires, but miraculously nothing till now. Now see, if you were ‘cool’ you wouldn’t even have that saddle bag (although I think that’s arguable…they do sell them at my ‘cool’ bike shop) and your tube would be in one of the deep pockets on your back, along with your pump, money, lunch, and a few spare water bottles. How DO they fit so much stuff in those things..?

    • Last summer, on a supposedly more durable hybrid, I had nine flats in about 700 miles. In September, I bought my road bike. Yesterday was my first flat on that bike, after riding 1000 miles through winter conditions. I can’t explain it. It just is.

      Good point on the jersey! 🙂

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