Vasaloppet – The Plan

This Sunday is my first organized ride of the year – The Vasaloppet.  Hosted by the Swedish Embassy in honor of the famous cross-country ski race of the same name, the 58 mile ride will start and finish at the embassy.  The course will follow Washington DC mixed-use trails and blueberry soup will be served for finishers.

And that is just about all I know about this ride.

On the off-chance that you may be signed up (registration is now closed as they have reached the 600-rider limit) and would like to meet up at the event, I shall endeavor to be at the statue near the Swedish Embassy (aka “The House of Sweden” – the gray building on the right side of the photo) before the ride’s 8:00 AM start time.  I’ve never participated in this ride before so I don’t know how they’ll arrange the start.  It’s quite possible the statue will be right in the center of things.  If that is the case, we’ll just panic improvise.

The forecast is for thunderstorms with a high in the upper 50s.  Due to the forecasted inclement weather (and the likelihood of mud on the course) I shall be riding my hybrid.  I have no idea if there will be food or water stops, so I’ll be bringing my Camelbak and all the ride food necessary for the journey.  Regardless of the outcome, it promises to be an adventure which shall have one or two stories worth telling!


7 thoughts on “Vasaloppet – The Plan

    • Anybody can ride 58 miles, but how many of us will sample a Swedish delicacy on Sunday? 🙂 Between the location, the weather, and the cuisine, it should be an interesting day.

    • Unfortunately, the ride descriptions are silent on this issue. Although I suspect the Swedes wouldn’t turn someone away, I think it best not to test their hospitality! LOL Besides, I couldn’t bring myself to participate in what I consider a victory celebration knowing I did not complete the course.

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