Today at approximately 4:00 PM local time this blog had its 10,000th visitor.  That’s a number I have a hard time getting my head around.  It’s difficult for me to imagine ten thousand of anything and not think that it isn’t an impressive amount.  That ten thousand people actually were inclined to visit this corner of the cyber universe, however briefly, is quite remarkable to me.  So please congratulate yourselves on quite an achievement.  Ten months ago when I started this little project, I never thought so many of you would stop by.  Thanks for visiting!

When I loaded my Clustrmap utility last October, I began to learn just how varied you all are.  Five times, someone in Vietnam thought the ramblings of a middle-aged cyclist in Virginia might be of interest.  That in itself is fascinating to me.  So thank you to all the Kazaks, Bhutans (if that is what a person from Bhutan is called), Georgians, Guernseyians, etc… who have traveled such a very long way to say hello.  You are most kind.  And to those regions who visit in somewhat larger (and more predictable) quantities, thank you as well.  To those who are inclined to post comments, they are all most appreciated – I learn a great deal from many and are entertained by them all! 

I’m always looking for a way to add something of interest to this space, and it is in this spirit that I have created my first new page in many months.  The page is titled “Books and Movies,” and in it I will provide brief descriptions of the books and movies I have read/seen.  Regular readers will be familiar with most of these entries, but I hope they are a (somewhat) helpful reference to newer readers or those who would like to see this combined into one topic.

Feel free to keep visiting and I hope you find something of interest/amusement.  I am informed by reliable sources that this blog can handle a great many more of you!


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