Summer Kit

I realize the camo pattern makes it difficult to see me

Today was a good day.  With the temperature well into the 70s, I wore my summer clothes for the first time in five months.  That’s shorts and half-fingered gloves.  No leggings, shoe covers, foot warmers, long-fingered gloves, vests, base layers, jackets, skull caps, balaclavas, or anything else needed to ward off the cold.  It was glorious.

I even got to try out a jersey I received as a Christmas present.  It features the U.S. Army logo and camouflage pattern.  Now I can more easily sneak up on people.  Why I would want to do that while riding a bicycle, I have no idea.  All the same, I like the look of the jersey.  They even managed to depict the U.S. flag in the correct manner on the right sleeve.  That’s not as easy as you might imagine – people tend to put the stars on the left side of the flag no matter where it’s displayed.  That’s a “no-no” as it gives the impression that the flag is “retreating.”  I look forward to taking all manner of grief when I wear the jersey this June at the U.S. Air Force Cycling Challenge in Crystal City.

I only managed to get a 17 mile ride into the setting afternoon sun, but I’m not complaining one bit.  Tomorrow, we slide back into the low 60s.  Soon enough, the temps will be back where I like them!


6 thoughts on “Summer Kit

    • I guarantee you that I will wear it! Hopefully, it will generate angry mobs of cyclists who will attempt to chase me down. This will provide motivation for me to pedal very fast and thus improve my time.

    • Exactly. I had great difficulty taking a quality picture of this outstanding camouflage pattern. Now all I have to do is get the pattern painted onto my bike…

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