One Year Ago

One year ago today, I hopped on my brand-new hybrid and gave it a test ride to make sure it was going to be ok.  I had bought the bike a week earlier, but it was raining and I couldn’t test ride it then.  The salesman at the bike shop said I could return it after a few weeks if I didn’t like it, so I felt somewhat safe in my purchase.

I didn’t have cycling shorts, gloves, or shoes.  I didn’t have a computer or heart rate monitor.  I had gym shorts, a t-shirt, and some sneakers.  My one nod to cycling “fashion” was my helmet.  I planned to ride to the county dump and back – a whopping 11 mile distance that my wife thought was a tad too far for my first effort.  I assured her that I used to ride 2-3 times farther when I cycled in the 90s, and I was off.

Four miles later, I had a splitting headache and my wife was looking very smart.  My pride wouldn’t let me turn back early and I finished my ride with an average speed of 12 mph.  Upon my return, I grabbed a tall glass of water, walked to the back deck of my house, and collapsed on some lawn furniture.  Clearly, I had some work to do.

The rest (as they say) was history, much of it chronicled in this space.  It was a really good first year!


14 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. Happy Anniversary! And here’s to an even better second year.


    P.S.: Hope I can match up to your records this year… if not beat them 😉

  2. Yup and long may it all continue! I’ve been doing a bit of running lately too but for natural feel-good chemicals, fresh air and the pleasure of being alive, cycling tops the lot.

    • After 21 years of running every day in the Army, I have grown tired of that particular brand of exercise. I also needed something that would cause fewer stress injuries (knee, ankle, shins, etc…) and cycling seems to fit the bill. I’m jealous of those who can run regularly – it’s a lot less expensive and the equipment is much easier to maintain. Although you don’t get to see nearly as much of the landscape!

  3. Congratulations Steve, and many happy returns.

    And may I say, at least from a glance at your photo from last year, that it looks like cycling has been good to you. Or do you know some PhotoShop tips I haven’t learned yet…?

    • Yes, Gerry, there are about 25 pounds less of me today than there were then – I have absolutely no Photoshop skills! I could stand to lose another 25 pounds. Here’s hoping that gets done in 2011.

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