No Particular Place To Go

Rte 234 under leaden skies.

My apologies to any offended cycling enthusiasts for titling this post after a song which celebrates America’s love affair with the automobile, but it seemed appropriate for today’s ride.  The skies were cloudy and the temperature remained frustratingly  cool, so I didn’t embark on any great adventure.  I just puttered around the Nokesville area, which I am getting to know quite well.

Brentsville Court House

My first stop was Brentsville, where I checked in on the old County Court.  Built in 1822, this was the 4th county seat of Prince William County.  The building is rumored to be haunted and the TV show Ghost Hunters filmed an episode here in 2009.  They didn’t find any ghosts then and I once again failed to notice any on this morning’s trip.  In 1890, the county moved its seat to Manassas, which was rapidly expanding due to the railroad intersection near the town.  Brentsville’s significance began to fade and today the town has only 2,400 inhabitants.

Hay was for sale, but I wasn't in the market

After Brentsville, I wandered through farm and horse country.  This is always a pleasant ride, even on a drab day.  I then passed through Bristow and briefly got on to Rte 28.  This road is an accident waiting to happen with very heavy traffic moving at high speeds and little shoulder.  Unfortunately, there are few options if you want to get to Nokesville from this area and that is what I intended to do.  I once again cheated death and moved back onto country roads.

It was at this point that I saw the ostrich.

A prime specimen of the great Northern VA Ostrich Herd

To say he (or she?) was out of place would be an understatement.  I cannot imagine why someone would want to raise ostriches, but clearly at least one person thought it would be a good idea.  He enjoyed my company and walked back and forth in front of me, no doubt looking for a handout.  I patiently explained to the bird that I don’t share my ride snacks with anyone.  I don’t think he understood my point.  In any event, I pressed on and crossed over an iron bridge on the outskirts of Nokesville.

The view from the bridge

Just another Virginia cottage

Pedaling through Nokesville, I began to notice a lot of cyclists on the road.  There were a few groups of three or four riders and several people riding solo.  It looks like people are gearing up for the summer cycling season, despite the weather.  I carried on to Carriage Ford Road on the west side of Nokesville, and took in some views of the mansions masquerading as horse farms.

And with that, it was time to once again traverse the hills on Aden Road and find my way home.  In honor of my blogging friend, Rev Rider, I am pleased to report I found one banana peel on today’s ride.  Here’s hoping this is one of the last cool/cold rides of the Spring.  There’s reason for optimism; as I type these words the sun has broken out and the day has turned quite lovely.  If you’ll excuse me, I think I will take a nap on my back deck.

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13 thoughts on “No Particular Place To Go

  1. Hey Steve, you covered pretty much the same distance as me today.. 🙂
    Also Ostrich farming is growing in popularity here as they are supposed to taste good but I can’t confirm that.. !!

    • There are some amazing houses out here. I could retire the Historical Marker segment and start a new one on stately homes, except I don’t find them as interesting as history!

  2. We have an emu on one of my rides back at home also!
    Nokesvillians must be very unfriendly. I wrote to 3 churches in the area, looking for hospitality (permission to camp overnight while touring through the area) and not a one responded! Phhhhhthhhhhttttt!
    It is a beautiful area. My friend from Spottsy took us to an Inn near there. Did you see the post? The food was yummy. Might be a treat to cycle out there for lunch!

    • That’s very unfortunate, Cherie. I can’t say I know any of the people or churches in Nokesville. It’s about 20 miles from my house and my only reason to head out that way is to cycle. I saw you stayed in Catlett, just down the road. I’ve been through there once or twice and was almost eaten by a Doberman at one point. I found The Inn at Kelly’s Ford on the internet. That’s quite a place!!! Don’t stop at too many places like that or you’ll blow your entire budget before reaching Niagara Falls! 🙂

  3. Am I reading this correctly? 40 miles in 2 hrs 40 minutes. Goodness I got a long way to go. Just did my first 20 mile ride last weekend in 2hrs 30 min. Awesome job though.

    • You’re doing great too! Don’t worry about your times – that will come. Just keep putting the miles in. You’re getting to the point where ride nutrition is important. I suggest you read up on how to drink/eat during a ride to keep your energy up. Take breaks when you need them and keep on truckin’!

      (with the use of that phrase, I think I just betrayed my age!)

      Last May, I knocked out my first 30-mile ride with great pride. I now get frustrated when weather/personal schedule don’t allow me to go at least that far on a weekend ride. Who knows where I’ll be next year?

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