The Blog Post About My Post On Another Blog

Remarkably, I have somehow convinced the owner of another cycling blog to let me contribute as a guest poster.  Adding to this incredible feat is the fact that the blog is actually quite good and its author really has no need to use anything I might write.  This will only cause more consternation to those concerned about my ever-expanding sense of self-worth…

Ray Niekamp - "The Bike Noob"

The blog is Ray Niekamp’s Bike Noob, and I encourage you to check it out if you have not already done so.  Despite being extremely knowledgable on all things cycling-related, Ray doggedly holds on to his  “Bike Noob” monicker. He is very inquisitive and respectful of others’ opinions.  His blog is dedicated to his continued quest to learn about his cycling hobby.  If only more of us were so open-minded, including Yours Truly.

So please check out Ray’s blog.  Just don’t hold the April 13 guest post against him.  Everybody has an occasional lapse in judgment.  🙂


4 thoughts on “The Blog Post About My Post On Another Blog

  1. The trouble with pumping up your tyres to the correct pressure if you’re my age is that it plays hell with your weak wrists and gives you saddle sores. I’ve had so many punctures lately that I have to do it regardless.

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