83 Degrees

Heat, glorious heat, returned to Northern Virginia today.  It was accompanied by a stiff breeze, but we’re not going to be negative today.  Today was about warm weather rides and things that haven’t occurred for me in the past several months:

  • I used sun screen
  • I put ice in my water bottles
  • My tires had a yellow band of pollen on them
  • I smelled freshly cut grass
  • I sweated profusely
  • My nose didn’t drip

To top it all off, I beat my personal best time for this 31-mile route by two minutes and briefly chatted with a man who was cycling to Florida.

It was a good ride.


10 thoughts on “83 Degrees

  1. Hi Just signed up to recieve updates of your blog. You have a good writting style which makes for interesting reading. I read the article from the Wall Street Journal you recommended. It may be he was writting tongue in cheek, I don’t know the guy, but you only need to read the replies to see he has touched a nerve with some of the anti cycling mob out there.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Robin, and thanks for the kind words. I visited York a couple of times in the 90s while living in Huntingdonshire. I hit all the tourist spots (cathedral, Viking Centre, city walls, etc…) and had a great time. Best of luck on the London to Paris ride – I’m jealous!

  2. My personal ride observations from the UK compared to yours.. :o)

    * I used sun screen -> So did I
    * I put ice in my water bottles -> I didn’t, but I did remember to take the bottle this time !!
    * My tires had a yellow band of pollen on them -> Only yellow band was manufacturers
    * I smelled freshly cut grass -> I smelled the aroma of fresh manure from emptied winter cowsheds
    * I sweated profusely -> so did I
    * My nose didn’t drip -> Mine did and always does, but mostly more substantial than drips.. 😦

  3. My wife and I went out for a ride this afternoon in the nearest bit of England to Scotland. We needed the sunscreen but my wife doesn’t go for sweat at all. A nice stop for a cup of tea is more in her line and that’s what we did.

  4. Hey Steve! I’m new to the blogosphere and I enjoy your postings. I rode in Bike Virginia last year which had rides out of Staunton and Harrisonburg. Beautiful country, but my, the hills! Being from Florida our biggest hills are highway overpasses!

    • That’s some hilly country out there. The folks along I-81 refer to people in the eastern part of Virginia (ie, me) as “Flatlanders.” Finishing that ride without significant hill training is quite an achievement!

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