Jumping In The Lake

While I have always respected the mountain bike discipline, I’ve never felt like it was the sort of thing I wanted to get involved in.  This video gives me reason to reevaluate!


5 thoughts on “Jumping In The Lake

  1. No, Clive, not inside every strait laced roadie. I don’t know what the age of numbing un-adventurousness is but I am definitely past it. I don’t see the fun any more, I just feel the pain. Good clip all the same.

    • That’s me – the prototypical straight-laced roadie. I go to all the cool roadie clubs and am invited to the best roadie parties. I’m actually more like Mr. Tootlepedal, except I believe I have one more good jump left in me. The jump would be superb, I am sure. The landing is what troubles me!

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