Cap2Cap: The Movie

I am proud to present the third in my bicycle ride movie (aka, photo shoot set to music) series.  These are easy to put together and help save storage space on this site (I’m down to 85% of my storage capacity.  At this rate, I’ll run out sometime in 2017). 


Cap2Cap Movie

Historical Marker Segment!

There were historical markers all over the place.  Much to my chagrine, there weren’t any at the rest stops and I couldn’t afford to stop for pics each time I came across one of these (as is my usual custom) because I would have never finished!

I did manage to capture two signs, the first of which I found while I was on my own during the first half of the ride.  In it, we learn there is a very old church somewhere near here and that some Yankees were rather rude to it about 150 years ago.  Fatigue may have been a factor, but I didn’t see the church.

The second shot I took while on the move, again by myself.  This one was taken near Mile 70.  It has the distinction of being the first marker I have seen with a bullet hole in it.  The marker details in encyclopedic fashion the various buildings and families associated with the village of Binns Hall.  In the distance, you can make out some cyclists riding ahead of me.

6 thoughts on “Cap2Cap: The Movie

    1. Thanks, Clive. The original soundtrack was the Eagles’ “Long Run,” but they haven’t given YouTube permission to use the song. CCR filled in quite nicely, I think.

  1. Thanks for sharing the video. Glad to here the cap2cap went well. I know when I did a running event last year it was great to hangout in the atmoshpere with all the other runners afterwards. It makes it a very powerfull event celebrating with other your acomplishments.

    1. It was certainly much nicer than simply packing up your bike and leaving, which has been the case in the other three rides I have done. Glad you liked the video!

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