A Ride Where Absolutely Nothing Of Interest Occurred Whatsoever

Armed with my new spoke and a still probably-stretched chain, I enjoyed a 35 mile ride today in which nothing broke, no inclement weather occurred, no cars beeped at me, no near-fatal events took place, and no sites worthy of mention were passed.  It was just a good ride on a nice day.

The Road South of Nokesville

The weather was nice and hot – almost too hot for joggers.  Fortunately, I was able to follow  Cherrie’s advice and “make my own breeze.”  I tried 2×20 interval workout recommended by Russell and it went fairly well, at least until 17 minutes into the second interval when my cell phone rang.  I hate not answering it because I rarely get trivial calls.  It turns out it was my office with a problem, which I handled by telling them to ignore it.  Unfortunately, this took several minutes, so the “sprint” aspect of the interval was lost.  I pedaled onward and simply enjoyed the day.

Bristow Manor

The most exciting place I passed was Bristow Manor Golf Club.  The main building appears to be a former estate, although there are no signs explaining the history of the property.  Chairs were arrayed on the front lawn and workers were busily preparing for some sort of event, probably a wedding.  It looks like a nice place, but much of the grounds are cleverly kept from view by bushes and trees along the roadside.  It wouldn’t be proper for the commoners to get glimpses for free, would it?

And that wraps it up.  I was very happy to not have another mechanical malfunction.  If this were last summer and I was riding my Crosstrail, I would certainly have had one.  I returned home in fine form, grateful for the arrival of warm weather and for a bicycle that breaks only occasionally.


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