Matt Is Right

“Wife,” I said yesterday morning, “we need to go to the Dollar Store and buy some LA’s TOTALLY AWESOME ORANGE.”

“Why are you calling me, ‘wife’ and what do you need that product for?”  asked my wife.

“I intend to quote myself in a blog post and I don’t want to use your real name,” I answered.  “We need the product because Matt said it would clean my bikes very well.”

“Ok,” answered my extremely patient wife, “but who is Matt?”

“Matt writes a blog about cycling.  He’s the best draft in the MidWest.”

“I see.  I didn’t realize they gave out titles for things like drafting.”

“Clearly, they do.  You can find it on his blog, if you would like.  Would you like me to show you?”

“That’s ok.  Lets go buy your stuff.”

And with that, we were off to the Dollar Store in Fredericksburg.  Truth be told, we had a few other errands to run as well.  We found the cleaner and some cheap paint brushes, just like Matt promised we would.  I took them home and left them in the garage until I used them this afternoon on my bikes.

Just like Matt said it would be, LA’s TOTALLY AWESOME ORANGE was… totally awesome.


I tried it first on my hybrid, which I often use to experiment on before attempting something which might destroy my Trek.  Within minutes, my  blackened cassette was silver.  Also gone was the road grime and oil on  the wheel rims, front sprocket, and everywhere else on the lower part of the bike.  I got done in a few minutes what I would have done poorly in an hour with soap and water.

Four minutes later

I then got the Trek out and had similarly fantastic results.  The white on my wheel rim logos once again shine brightly.  I got some nasty stuff out of my derailleur group that would have been very difficult to do with just soap and water.  It was great.  A little bit of lube on the chains and I was all done.

So, by any means necessary, do yourself a favor and get some LA’s TOTALLY AWESOME ORANGE.  And always listen to Matt.  He knows his stuff!


6 thoughts on “Matt Is Right

    • The brushes are handy in breaking up grime that has been loosened by the Orange. They aren’t critical (about 90% of the stuff simply washes away) but they can help in the tougher areas.

  1. A washing up brush and bottle of white spirit from the pound shop this side of the pond does exactly the same job. Little nuggets of info like this are invaluable aren’t they?

    • Equally valuable is knowing what these common products are called on the other side of the pond. Do you know how long it would take me to figure out that the product I was looking for is called White Spirit? Weeks! 🙂

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