Handle Bar Tape

As I mentioned in my last missive, the tape on my handlebar unraveled during the Crystal Ride.  This was disconcerting, to say the least, and it forced me to confront the issue of handlebar tape well before I was emotionally ready to take it on.  This is a cosmetic fix that could easily make my bike look like a wreck if done improperly.

The Problem

With little choice but to attempt the repair, I watched a couple of Youtube videos on how to tape a handlebar and gave it a go.  This is reportedly a complicated procedure, often requiring multiple attempts before getting it right.  I guess the handlebar tape gods smiled upon me, because I found the procedure to be very straightforward.  After inspecting my work at the halfway point, I was unhappy and started over.  On the second attempt, I was satisfied.  Total time: 15 minutes.

If only all bicycle repairs were this easy!

All Better


9 thoughts on “Handle Bar Tape

  1. Thanks! Clive, I understand what you’re saying about winding the tape. It’s hard to describe, isn’t it? Basically, you want to keep the tape as taught as possible and this can best be done by winding it in the direction from your knuckles to your finger tips as you grip the bar. This way, when you rotate your hand on the bar, it will naturally move to tighten the tape, not loosen it.

  2. You know, that’s one thing for me that is either hit or miss. If I could get it right the first (or second or third) time everytime like the guys at the bike shop I would feel really good.

    Good job.

  3. It’s not that hard, but its annoying. My problem is getting in a hurry and missing an overlap near the bottom then gettting to the top and having to unwind all the way back down and start over. Slow and careful is the way.

  4. Well done – and goodonya for not being like most (me included, for far too long) – intimidated by this job. Like many things, it’s not so bad once you do it once. Now if I could only remember this lesson as often as I need to.

    • Thanks! Normally, I like to experiment on my far cheaper hybrid bike. Sadly, that bike doesn’t have tape on the bars so I had little choice but to dive in and metaphorically splash around on my nice bike. Luckily, I did no damage and everyone turned out fine!

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