Crystal Ride Pics

For the handful of people who might be interested, here are some photo proofs of Yours Truly at last weekend’s Crystal Ride.  This is only the second time I have been photographed while riding a bicycle.  Very rare stuff, indeed!

Le Grand Depart.  Me and 1,600 of some of my newest friends begin the ride.

This is me having fun.  This was a right angle turn at the bottom of a gentle descent.  I enjoyed trying to get as close to the cones as possible at speeds around 25 mph.  This was one of my wider turns, so it must have been taken early on as I was still learning the course.

This is me having less fun, at the hairpin turn by the USAF Monument.  I had just scaled the hill leading to the monument and was busily trying to lower my heart rate by sucking in as much air as I possibly could.

Five laps down, three to go.  I’m pondering my strategy for the upcoming lap and realizing that I am fresh out of good ideas.

Another shot by the monument.  By the looks of things, this was taken well into the race and I am trying to recover from yet another ascent of that stupid hill.

14 thoughts on “Crystal Ride Pics

    1. These were professionals with telescoping lenses, photographers’ vests and all sorts of paraphenelia. The lent an air of importance to the event!

    1. I’d like to know just how far I can go before slipping. The problem is that in order to find out, you have to slip, and I really don’t want to know that badly!

    1. There were a fair number of Navy and Marine jerseys as well. The Zoomies were sporting about the whole thing, which I thought was nice.

    1. Thanks! It is shocking to see just how slow I was actually going. At the time, I felt like I was moving along pretty well. This video was clearly taking by one of the pacelines that zoomed past me at light speed. Congratulations on achieving speeds that I can only dream about!

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