A Pleasant Summer’s Ride

There’s nothing terribly exciting to report today, I’m afraid.  I went on a pleasant 41-mile ride under blue skies, light wind, and warm (but not oppressive) summer temperatures.  As difficult cycling is in January, today was enjoyable.  I traveled westward on Aden Road, past the outer portion of Quantico Marine Base, and made my way to Nokesville with a slight detour to travel down Carriage Ford Road, one of my favorite stretches of road in the area.

Horses along Carriage Ford Road
Pit Stop

When I pulled into Nokesville, I did have a touch of drama when I noticed the shoppette where I was hoping to buy some Gatorade at wasn’t open yet.  After a moment’s frustration, I recalled there was a 7-11 around the corner.  Despite the fact the franchise name is based on its original hours of operation, I knew they were now open 24×7.  This store was especially nice.  When I came up a few pennies short, the cashier graciously told me I could keep my purchase if I promised to come back again.  He was serious about keeping my Gatorade but joking about the requirement to revisit.  All the same, the Nokesville 7-11 is now my preferred stopping point in Nokesville.

Having refueled, I struck out west toward Bristow on a road which took me to an Iron Bridge which I always enjoy.  It’s one lane wide and covered with wooden planks – an interesting throw-back in this part of the world.

Iron Bridge

The rest of my trip was uneventful.  Because I took a break and I wasn’t trying to set any speed records, I had plenty of energy for the hills on Bristow Road.  Hills are increasingly on my mind as I expect to see plenty of them on my August and September century rides.

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