The “After Work Peloton,” also known as, “The Gaggle of Fellas Who Occasionally Meet For A Pedal After Work,” scheduled their semi-regular ride for today.  We are in the midst of a heat wave right now (a heat wave so oppressive that a visitor from Austin Texas remarked that she preferred the weather back home – where they’ve had triple digit temps for about 45 days) and yesterday I suggested to one of the Peloton members that it might perhaps be a tad too hot to ride.  He put me in my place with a look which – at the same time – communicated shock, dismay, and ridicule.  Clearly, I needed to refer to Velomoniti Rule #5 and HTFU.

With the temperature a mere 102.2 degrees and the humidity at 85%,  three of us met for a 17-mile jaunt on the W&OD Trail.  This ties the turnout record for our peloton which, it must be said, is a rather humble organization.  We expect a 25% increase in membership when Simon The Australian returns with his brand-new Specialized Roubaix, which he was being fitted for this afternoon.

As you might suspect, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves.  There were a handful of cyclists about but not a single jogger or walker.  At least they had enough sense to stay indoors.  Being on a bicycle in this weather does have its advantages as a constant 15-20 mph breeze helps stave off heat injury.

The hero of today’s ride was Simon The Brit, who bravely pedaled with two roadies (and I timidly include myself in that category of rider) with his Specialized Crossroads hybrid.  You can see him below in the yellow jersey, gamely hanging onto Jake’s wheel.

The Peloton (sans Yours Truly)

Well done, Simon.


13 thoughts on “102.2

  1. The heat indexes you guys have been having are nuts! No wonder the Austin cyclist said she preferred it here. When it’s 102 here, the heat index is maybe 104 or 105 — not 110 or 112.

  2. You can tell Simon is a Brit, he is riding nearer to the left hand side of the road, than you Americans. I know when I have riden in the US or Europe, you just don’t seem right being so close to the right hand curb, getting used to looking over your left shoulder. Why don’t you guys ride on the right side of the road! Oh you do!

    • In fairness to Simon, I believe he moved a bit toward the center in order to get into the pic. He has lived amongst us wrong-thinking Americans for some time now!

    • Simon was Old School – no helmet, no gloves, no shades, and sneakers in clipped pedals. Despite the disadvantages, he hung with us very nicely.

  3. Mad Dog’s and Englismen etc…

    Er, cough, that’s if he is English, Brit is such a catch all term, he won’t forgive me for calling him English if he’s Scottish, Irish or Welsh. But Simon is such an English name!

  4. Ah, Sarf Laaarndaaarn.

    He’ll get it, especially if you tell him I’m a Brummie. If you do, I can predict with some accuracy what type of accent impersonation will appear next!

    Whatever, he did very well on that bike in that heat keeping up with you fellers!

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